25 Jan 2010

Preparing the ground: Thursday 28th Jan 2010

Greening Brownfield

in partnership with Bow Arts Trust & Poplar HARCA
live/work scheme

together with

a group of volunteers from Nomura
are coming to help and clear the weeds etc.

from both the Tennis Court site outside Carradale House
and the former Social Club/Nursery playground site
outside Balfron Tower

28th January 2010
start: 9am

See you!

16 Jan 2010











Feedback from the session 12.12.2009

The ideas shared on the day;
  • Working together to create different types of green spaces on and in Brownfield Estate
  • Improving communual areas with flowers etc.
  • Mentor those with small areas of their own who lack the skills
  • Improve play area

Suggested actions;

  1. Created a shared vision for the all the different aspects
  2. Meeting regularly to discuss the progress
  3. Have meetings & work groups who meet in the week and at weekends to ensure an opportunity for everyone to contribute

The group has the following experience members are willing to share;

  • Teaching gardening to community groups
  • Experience of organic gardening growing veg, soft fruity and flowers
  • Willing to attack areas i.e. digging
  • Florist skills via floral and planting demonstrations
  • Raised bed building skills
  • Help with general tasks

Greening Brownfield is born - 12th December 2009

Following a series of successful public meetings, plant swapping, cake sharing and generally good vibed get togethers Greening Carradale evolved into Greening Brownfield off the back of a meeting 12.12.2009.

Anna & Anna set up the meeting to create a new more active group of local people so more energy could be created to get the different garden and play area plans off the ground and becoming a reality.

Check out pictures from the morning session http://www.flickr.com/groups/greeningbrownfield/

Jeremy W & Jeremy C

Sharon & Eleanor from Balfron Tower & the Brownfield Residents Committee

Ellie from the Live/work scheme & Accident & Emergence

Eleanor & Gillian from Carradale House