20 Nov 2011

autumnal activity

It's been a while, so we thought you might like to take a look at some of the latest activity in the Greening Brownfield garden.

We scored some free mulch, which will gradually compost down to provide soil to fill our planters, and meanwhile is great as a top dressing to suppress weeds.

The bug hotel is finished, providing a haven for all the creepy-crawlies over the winter. A bug-friendly garden is a wildlife-friendly garden!


We have a beautiful new communal flowerbed, and have erected some much needed screening against the A13, which runs behind the garden.

We also have a handy hook for storage. No more hoses snaking across the ground for us. :)

At the entrance to the garden, we now have a beautiful rockery with a solar-powered water feature.

And in the shed, we're collecting and storing seeds ready to plant out in the spring.

A big big thank you goes out to everyone involved for all their hard work. Roll on 2012, we can't wait to get growing again!