30 Jun 2010

4th July 2010 2pm - 4pm Sunday Grow Club

Once again the residents are organising more family friendly greening activities...

Come along to the 1st Sunday Grow Club - named through an inspiring comment from a young person who came along to the planting afternoon....

22 Jun 2010

Greening Brownfield Next Steps Forward!

Come and join us on:

1st July 2010 action planning meeting 7.30pm-8.30pm venue TBC

2nd or 3rd July 2010 - free soil delivery via LBTH/Grow Your Own

4th July 2010 Sunday Grow Club, tennis courts 2pm - 4pm - planting, weeding and blackboard making...

13th July 2010 action planning meeting 7.30pm-8.30pm venue TBC - anyone up for hosting?

18th July 2010 BIG Lunch, tennis courts 1pm - 3.30pm - a getting to know your neighbour/community food sharing event. Food and refreshments provided and use of barbque

Space here for other events...any ideas?

3rd Aug 2010 action planning meeting 7.30pm-8.30pm venue TBC - anyone up for hosting?

Space here for other events...any ideas?

5th Sept 2010 Summer Garden party, tennis courts times TBC - a chance to enjoy the garden so far, share food and drink together - potential for live music and arts show...

21 Jun 2010

Recycle Week 21-27 June 2010


To celebrate this year's Recycle Week, we're giving Freecycle users the chance win either an Eco Kettle or a DAB clock/radio which also features an iPod dock. We have ten of each to giveaway and to stand a chance of winning, all you need to do is complete the form below and hit ENTER NOW.

more on:

4 Jun 2010

Volunteers needed to support the next stages of community garden development

Greening Brownfield is pleased to announce the following news and events

Latest news

Last Sunday 30th May 2010 saw another successful planting event take place outside the Social Club, Balfron Tower. Go and check out the beautiful hand painted signs and the first green shoots peeking through!

Having secure 2 grants from Capital Growth and Grow Your Own via Tower Hamlets Healthy Borough Programme the volunteers who, with your help at some point over the last year, GB has been able to go ahead and start creating flower and food growing spaces outside Balfron Tower and on the disused tennis courts outside Carradale House.

Jennifer and Eleanor from the Balfron and Carradale Estate Committee are leading a working party working with Anna & Anna from Bow Arts Trust Live/work scheme to shape the different parts to the project. We are currently looking for more help with the different aspects of the projects - see below.

The following events are taking place in the coming weeks.

Action Planning meeting 8th June 2010 7.30pm - 9pm @ 88 Carradale House

Please come along to find out more about the Tennis Court Garden and find out ways you can help the project get growing! RSVP to Anna Bauer vonbauer@gmail.com

The Big Dig In

19th June 2010 from 9.30am


Volunteers are needed to;

All willing hands are required to help move 8 tonnes of soil into the tennis court space to create the raised beds for growing vegetables and flowers. Please email Anna Bauer vonbauer@gmail.com to let her know what help you can offer and if you cannot help letting us know also helps so we can plan ahead;

We need the following help,
People power from 9.30am onwards 19th June 2010
Tools - can you let us know if you can lend us tools esp. wheel barrows?
Plant growers - green fingered or just wanting to have a go...get growing for Brownfield
Refreshments i.e. cake bakers, tea and coffee makers
Other willing helpers in the run up to the 19th June and beyond i.e. composting, watering
Watering Rota

Join the watering rota for outside Balfron - please email Jennifer jennifercuster@gmail.com or Eleanor ebfawcett@googlemail.com with the days and times you can offer your support. We will need more help once the Tennis Courts are up and running.

The Big Lunch comes to Brownfield Estate 18th July 2010 timings TBC

Come along and enjoy the garden spaces, bring along a dish to share and barbque. This is an event for all the family - please tell your neighbours!!

Recycled flower making workshops for children over 3 yrs old

Once again thank you for all the support you have given to help get the project this far...