16 Oct 2012

Harvest Festival 2012 - a photo update

Beetroot brownies by Geraldine

A brand new gazebo built by Keith

Carole from Groundwork gave a brilliant composting workshop

Tiny workers turning the compost

Fantastic children's activities by Emma

Delicious barbeque provided by the Glenkerry House crew

11 Oct 2012

Greening Brownfield - The Secret Garden

Greening Brownfield in 'Growing Communities'

We'd like to thank the Royal Horticultural Society for featuring the Greening Brownfield community garden in the latest issue of their 'Growing Communities' magazine. It's a lovely piece with pictures of the garden in bloom and guest appearances from our very own Tom and Geraldine! You can read the piece by clicking the image above, or download a PDF of the magazine from the RHS website (requires Adobe Acrobat).