30 Apr 2011

love is in the air...

Last month we cleared all the winter veg (including loads of gorgeous purple sprouting broccoli) so we could get cracking on our summer crop. Here's a picture of one of the younger members of our crew fortifying himself with a biscuit to give him strength for the mission ahead. Altogether now... ahhhhh.

29 Apr 2011

Royal Weeding Day, 29th April 2011

On this very special day, we'd like to bring you a message from our pals at Guerilla Gardening:

"On this day HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton will wed, and to celebrate, Britain has been given a public holiday. What better way to spend a little of our time than with a weeding of our own, wherever we are? It's time to bow down and show some love to your local landscape, pluck a weed or more from the ground, and start thinking what you could sow instead. Imagine the nation out in the streets, sprucing up the area and starting new loving partnerships with the land."

We couldn't agree more, and will be down at the Greening Brownfield community garden and other parts of the Brownfield estate ripping up weeds and making our locale a little more gorgeous-looking. In the meantime, we'd like to wish you a happy Royal Weeding Day. You can sign up for the event at Facebook here, or just get weeding, wherever you are.

If all that weeding's got you bitten by the gardening bug, don't forget that the garden is open this Sunday May 1st, 2pm-4pm, for Sunday Grow Club. Feel free to drop in and chat to the lovely Keith. He'll be happy to tell you how you can get involved. 

27 Apr 2011

Gardening tips from Greening Brownfield

Greening Brownfield's Jennifer was asked to write a few tips for urban gardeners for the latest issue of HARCA Life magazine. HARCA Life is the magazine for Poplar Harca residents, given free to all residents on the Brownfield estate. Turn to page 7 to read Jennifer's hints and tips, or click the image above.